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Jing Jing (23)

3 May 2015

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The issue discussed in this article is regarding a 34-year-old construction worker from Bangladesh who  injured himself due to a raging storm. He is believed to work in the Sungei Kadut factory area and his right arm looked severely burnt due to the lightning strike and a staff member in the clinic commented that Mr Nasu looked like he was in pain. However, TNO are sled that his condition is stable and could be discharge on Wednesday afternoon. 

After reading this, I feel alarmed by the possibility of getting struck by lightning and causing severe injuries. I hope that through Mr Nasu's case, we all learn to prevent being unsheltered in a bad weather condition, especially to the construction workers who work long durations under the extreme weather conditions in Singapore without being sheltered. Mr Nasu is also fortunate as even professor suggests that it is not uncommon to survive lightening strike and about 10 people died directly due to it. Despite the injury Mr Nasu incurred, it is still minor compared to losing a life. 


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  1. I also agree that Mr Nasu should be more careful and take precautions when he is in a storm. Lightning can be extremely fatal if someone is using their electronic devices. Hiding under a tree may also cause one to be struck by lightning.