Monday, 10 August 2015

JOYCE 11 13/05


Issue being discussed: Break Talk, the famous bread stall has been found selling soy milk from another brand and adding water into "their" soy milk. They have been dishonest with their products.
from my perspective, I think most customers will feel angry and cheated, especially those who had purchased the soy milk before. on the soy milk that is produced by Bread Talk, it is labelled as their own brand soy milk. however, the truth is that the soy milk were bought from other brands. this reveals the dishonest of Bread Talk as they probably sold it as a higher price in order to earn some profit from them. Hence, as such, they are actually cheating their customers' money, even though they only cost a few cents more. the customers will feel angry as they bought the milk because they trusted that Bread Talk soy milk is better than the other brands. however, it turns out to be a fraud and that they are paying more for the same nomral brand of soy milk. It is a matter of trust and honesty and yet Bread Talk broke the trust between themselves and the customers. the customers would probably not visit Breadtalk anymore. Just because of them being dishonest, they probably lost alot of their regular customers. i think they owe their customers an apology and a statement regarding this matter.


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  1. Should not write about what you think the consumers will feel but instead your opinion ions on what should be done.