Monday, 10 August 2015

JOYCE 11 07/08

This article is about the advantages of videos games and whether video games should be allowed to be played by children or should parents hold control over their children.

i have gained more knowledge about video games and their advantages as compared to before after reading this article. in the past, i thought that there were only disadvantages of video games such as how it would ruin our eyesight or caused children to be addcited to them. However, after reading this article, i accepted the concept of video games and i would agree to letting my younger siblings play video games if my parents were to restrict them.
Firstly, i think that restricting children from playing video games would cause them to become extremely rebellious since they do not like the feeling of being controlled by parents as they want to have their own personal space and do what they want to.
Secondly, i think that by playing video games, children are able to relax themselves and relieve stress and burden which they have gotten from boring school life and heavy work load. They are able to enjoy themselves from the video games and we see them smile alot when they are in the process of playing them. So, why not let them play video games? i know its bad for their eyes and studies but kids are kids, they ought to have a childhood where one part of it is to play video games and escape from stressful reality at the same time. by playing video games, they are able to release stress and as such, they may be able to do better in their studies when they enough rest from all the school work. hence it is even more beneficial to play video games now
however, even though we should not restrict video games from appearing in their childhoods, we should also not let the children exceed the amount of time they get to play video games each time as if they spent long time on the computer, they may get addicted and it is also not good for their health. 
in conclusion, i think that parents should allow their children to play video games but with certain limitations.

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  1. Great to have added in what you feel and thought before and after reading the article. Helps readers to know more about what are some thoughts that run through the heads of people at a certain age with a certain mentality.