Monday, 10 August 2015

JOYCE 11 22/07

The issue being discussed here is a about video of a 25 year old woman who slapped and allegedly assaulted her 58 year old mother outside a flat in Lower Delta Road, which went viral on Facebook. It shows the frail looking woman sweeping the corridor outside a HDB flat under the watchful gaze of two other women. Towards the end of the video, one of the woman is seen delivering two hard slaps onto the older woman who was sweeping the floor.

I think that the act of the 25 year old woman is really absurd and appalling. it is really wrong for her to act in such manner as the woman she slapped is her biological mother. By slapping her mother, she is actually applying physical abuse on her, the person who carried her for 9 months, the person who raised her to what she is right now, the person who cared and loved her with all her heart no matter what.Without her mother, she will not be even in this world and she is now abusing her poor mother? Doesnt she feel shameful of her own behaviour? Her mother spent her entire life just to take care of her and raise her up. But what she gave her mother in return were bruises and disappointment.   the mother would probably be really sad to see her own child not being filial at all. What she should be doing is to let her mum enjoy the rest of her life and not leaving injuries and scars on her heart and body. Even if her mother has done something not likeable, she should not be so harsh towards her own mother. i believe that she herself has done alot wrong things too and her mother prabaly did not hit her that hard. What i want to to say is that we should all think before we act. Our mother suffered so much just for us to grow up healthy and strong. We should be filial and treat them better than how they have treated us instead doing things that make them feel hurt and disappointed.

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  1. Good reasons on why you feel this way and what was the right thing to actually do.