Monday, 10 August 2015

JOYCE 11 29/04
Article name : Parents turn to apps for homework help

Many parents in Singapore use social media and online apps for "online tuition" to help their children. parents simply need to take a picture of the questions and post it on any of the groups. It has become  more convenient since they usually get the answers to their question, from other parents or private tutors, within a short time. Some of the social medias used for the "online tutorings" are WhatsApp, WeChat and EduSnap. Usually, less than 50 questions were recieved daily by those platforms, while now there are almost 150 questions received a day.

Personally, i feel that there are both pros and cons to this method of helping their children with their work. Firstly, the advantages are that parents and private tutors are able to share their answers and help one another. They will also be able to get the answers to the questions that they do not know in a very short time and this helps to save time. they would not need to waste time and research a lot just to get the answers. However, the disadvantage is that students may fully rely on their parents next time when they encounter difficulties in their work. hence, they would never learn to solve the problems themselves and their results would not have any improvement. the answers may not be hundred percent correct too. Thus, in conclusion, i feel that parents should make use of this method properly Parents should explain and break the answer down for their child before giving them the answer to the questions.

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  1. Yes I feel that it is useful for parents. Point of view clearly stated.