Sunday, 9 August 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (5) 01/04

Article Title : 9 months Jail Term for Maid Abuse 
Date Published : 1 April 2015
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This article is about a tutor, Low Gek Hong, who repeatedly abused a 17-year-old maid over three months, including poking her with a pair of scissors, biting and scalding her, was sentenced to mince months of jail. She also had to pay $5000 to the Myanmar helper as compensation. Low, who is appealing, is pleaded guilty almost two years ago to six accounts of maid abuse, with another 12 charges, which included criminal intimidation and insulting modesty, taken into consideration during sentencing.

I think that actions such as these are very unacceptable as domestic helpers are around to help and and not for us to abuse when we are not happy. Even though their status may be lower than ours and they are working for us, it's does not give us any right to hurt them in any way. Moreover, the tutor in the article abused the domestic helper in so many cruel ways. Although domestic helpers may do the wrong thing sometimes and we can get very mad at them, we still must always keep in mind that they are humans just like us and they have feelings too. We can correct them in a nice way instead of a using them. The tutor's reason for abusing the maid is not given clearly in the article and that makes it all the more unacceptable as no one should get abused, even with a reason, and she has no reason for doing so. 

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