Monday, 10 August 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (6) 15/04

Article Title : Clashes, Pepper Spray at Rally for South Korea Ferry Disaster
Date Published : 15 April 2015
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This article is about the first year anniversary for the ferry disaster that happened in South Korea last year. Of the 304 who died, 250 were children from the same high school. Flags flew at half mast and yellow ribbons fluttered from trees and lamp posts across Ansan, where sirens blared at 10am and residents bowed their heads for a minute’s silence and prayer. Despite torrential rain, thousands of mourners passed through a memorial hall containing hundreds of black-ribboned, flower-ringed portraits of the dead students. Parents and other relatives sobbed and beat their chests as they left messages, stuffed animals and favoured snacks under the framed photos.

Most of those who died during this disaster were students, so there were many parents and relatives of these students at the anniversary. From all those that they did, I can see that they are really very depressed from the lost of their children. There was even a minute's silence for prayers. I think that amongst all the age groups that could have died, students in high school dying is the most wasted because they are just about to enter adulthood and get a job, where they will be able to serve their country and contribute to the economy. But because of the captain's selfishness, so many innocent and valuable lives were lost. 

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