Monday, 10 August 2015

Judy Huang (9)

Current Affairs (7) 29/04

Article Title : Nepal Earthquake : 89 Singaporeans and PRs Flying Out of Kathmandu on C-130 Planes
Date Published : 28 April 2015
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This article is about how Singaporeans and PRs are being evacuated out of Kathmandu because of the earthquake that happened recently. There are many planes bringing them out of Kathmandu and back to Singapore. And Singapore Civil Defense Force, Singapore Police Force and Singapore Armed Forces went to Kathmandu with equipment and aid to join other relief workers to assist Nepal.

I think that the government's action of getting Singaporeans and PRs back to the safety of Singapore is very responsible as they should be ensuring the safety of all the people living and working in Singapore. But when so many of Singapore's forces such as SCDF, SPF and SAF joined relief workers in Nepal, I am very surprised that Singapore actually sent so many people there to help when all Singaporeans and PRs are already safely back in Singapore. I am glad to see that Singapore is getting along so well with other countries and is even willing to offer so much help. It would be good if Singaporeans are able to help each other out within the country in their everyday lives just like how the Singapore government is helping out other countries.

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