Monday, 10 August 2015

Koh Yi Ling (12) for 21 July

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Elderly Women slapped in video: Police investigating woman for allegedly assaulting mother

In this article, a police report has been lodged regarding a 25 year old women who slapped and assaulted her 58 year old mother outside a flat in Lower Delta Road. A video of the incident which was uploaded on YouTube shows the frail looking woman sweeping the corridor outside a HDB flat with two other women watching her. The neighbour who videoed the process said he had witnessed similar slapping incidents before almost daily for the past six months.

I feel that the other two women should not treat her this way. No matter what, they should have respect for the elderly and not let her sweep the floor and abuse her. Every elderly or anyone deserves to be respected no matter what they have done. Furthermore, the one who slapped the mother is her own daughter. The mother brought the daughter up and took care of her since young, but the pay back the daughter gave was to abuse the mother like this. I feel that the daughter should definitely not do this and she should be the one to take care of her mother in turn she grows up but she is instead doing the opposite. A daughter should be filial towards her parents, and not disrespect and look down on them. If I were there, I would definitely stop her.




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