Monday, 10 August 2015

Koh Yi Ling (12) for August 4

Article title: Man's leg amputated in escalator incident

This article is about a man whose leg was amputated after meeting an escalator incident. He was cleaning the steps on the moving escalator when the floor panel suddenly gave way and the mop was stuck in between the gap, following by his left leg. The shopping mall had closed down and this escalator incident is the third high profile escalator related tragedy in the week.

Many incidents regarding the escalator had happened in China, and I feel that we should all take note. If we feel the panel of the escalator is shaking, we should try to get off the escalator immediately and inform the counter about it, and also warn other shoppers to be alert and if best, not to take the escalator which would be the safest option. If all shoppers take note, we can all help and prevent another escalator related incident from happening again.

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