Monday, 10 August 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Term 3 Week 1 post
Article name: Man who smoked in train identified (03/07/2015)
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  This summary of this article is that on 2/7/15, SMRT operator has identified one of the two men who smoked in the train. A video of them smoking was posted on Facebook last month. They were seen passing cigarette to each other and taking turns puffing on it. It was at night in the Bukit Batok area.
  I feel that the two men should own up and be responsible for their own actions instead of just waiting to be identified by the train operators. As stated in the article, smoking is indeed a brazen act and anyone found smoking can be fined up to $1000 in court, $500 for settling out of court. These two men were indeed being very selfish and inconsiderate. Smoking not only affects their own health, second hand smoke will also affect the other commuters health. Also, they still want to smoke and rebel the rules of no smoking in the train. They should learn how to control and not feel that since there were less commuters and hence they can smoke. We should think for others before doing any actions. It is also good that other commuters stood forward to alert others about this incident, and recording the entire thing. Even though they did not report the incident to the station staff immediately, but their courage helped the operators to find them more easily. After all, we should obey the rules at all times and not break them as our juniors will follow us and when they grow up, they will do the same.

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  1. I agree with your point of view. These actions by these men simply cannot be tolerated. In public areas, smoking is made illegal, as the smoke coming from the cigarettes would harm the people around, especially children. In this incident, the situation is made worse, since the men are smoking in the MRT, which is an enclosed area. Just because of the two of them, the entire train has to suffer. They are really very selfish and inconsiderate, and it is good that the law is here to punish them.