Monday, 10 August 2015

Lee Xin Yi (13)

Term 3 Week 5 post
Article name: China escalator swallows toddler's mother
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  This article is about a woman who was killed after she plunged through flooring over an escalator in a Chinese department store called, Anliang, in Jingzhou, the central province of Hubei. Xiang Liujuan, 30, fell to her death after thrusting her toddler to safety. They were stepping off the escalator while a panel in the floor gave way. As she fell, she pushed her son forward to ensure that he was safe and a few seconds later, she was seen disappearing downwards into the mechanism. Firefighters took more than four hours to cut open the machine and recover the mother. It was then told that after the maintenance, the workers forget to screw back the access cover back into place.
  I was shocked and yet touched after seeing this article. Since the worker already knew that the escalator cannot be use, they should have stop it from operating and stop customers from using the escalator. However, they did not but continue to operate the escalator despite knowing the danger. So did they actually thought of the shoppers safety? On the other hand, the actions of the mother touched me. She sacrifice herself to death upon knowing the danger infront of her. She even remembered or thought of pushing her son to safety and save him from felling to death with her. Mother love is so great at that point of time and I could clearly see how much the mother love her son. Sacrifices are what parents normally do but sacrificing a life is not everyone dare to. It takes a lot of courage to die for someone, especially when you can still survive for many years. The son should be proud of his mother when he grew up and I hope that he will not blamed himself for causing his mother's death. When linking this incident to Singapore, I felt real proud for living in Singapore. When there's maintenance, workers will ensure that everything is out of reach from others and when escalators are operating, they would ensure the others' safety at all times and will do immediate actions such as condoning off the escalators when they found out there's something wrong or any dangers. Singapore is so much safer compared to China.

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  1. I agree to your point of view. I feel that the workers were really irresponsible for their maintenance. Every single bit of the escalator should have been checked and secured to ensure that it will not be faulty, which may threaten the shoppers safety. Just because of their selfish and irresponsible act, the son lost his beloved mother after she fell to her death. I feel really sorry for the young son, but also through this incident, I see how great could a mother's love for her son be.