Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 2H 18/8/2015

Title of Article: IT company manager admits to hurting and abusing worker
Date of Publish: 18/8/2015

This article is about a case of employee abused. A IT company manager, Mr Lee Yew Nam plead guilty for causing harm repeatedly to one of his fellow employee, Mr Calvin Chan Meng Hock for mistakes that he has done at work. The video of the manager punching and slapping Mr Chan has gone viral through the social media. This case was adjourned to 14th September.

I feel that what the employer did is absolutely cannot be tolerated. As a employer, he or she should be able to lead his group of employees to accomplish task. He should never have used violence against an employees inability to accomplish a task. I find it very unfair to "punish" an employee by punching him for not doing what the employer wants him to do. Everyone makes mistakes, and so does the employees, thus the manager should have been more patient and not hot-tempered. Even if employees get ridiculously behind task, employers should never use any physical methods to force the employee to work. Physical abuse can cause the employee to be emotionally stressed. We are very lucky that here in Singapore, we have strict laws protecting employees from such an abuse, and employers are strictly dealt with if they do so. This reduces the chance of such incidents from happening.

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