Sunday, 9 August 2015

Lim Jak Zeng (31) 9/8/15

Name of Article: Cleaner jailed for hitting colleague on the head and hand with a crowbar
Published: 5th August 2015

This article is about a recent case where a cleaner, Koh Choon Kiong, who was tasked to clean an area of the road with some other cleaners, hitting one of his colleagues with a crowbar after a dispute with him. The victim, Mr Nanju Chand, suffers from broken fingers and a scar on the head. The cleaner was jailed for 8 months for causing grievous hurt to the victim.

I feel that both the cleaners were too hot-tempered and inconsiderate. As colleagues, I feel that any disagreement should have been settled in a calm manner to aviod such disputes, which may result in fights as a result of rash actions. Colleagues should learn how to understand and work with each other instead of quarreling about who is right or who is wrong. If one or both of them are willing to give in to each other, I'm sure such incidents could be avoided. It's only through good friendship and understanding could work be done as a team in an effective manner. Luckily, we have strict laws to punish those who intentionally cause harm to anyone. This way anyone that acts rashly can be could 
learn their lesson and not repeat their mistakes anymore.


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  2. I agree with your point of views, but I feel that it was more of Mr Koh who was the one at fault. He was the one that used a crowbar to severely harm his colleague, and this shows how inconsiderate he is. I feel that such actions simply cannot be tolerated, and if he used a more dangerous equipment, it could have threatened the victims life. Thus, I would like to stress on the point about giving in to disagreements, as just like what you said, it was to prevent such incidents from happening.