Friday, 7 August 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: Nepal earthquake: SAF plane to ferry aid, medical personnel and search-and-rescue team to Nepal (25/4/2015)

The issue being discussed here is that the Singapore Civil Defence Force is preparing to send a 55-man search-and-rescue contingent to Nepal in the wake of Saturday's earthquake. The police is also preparing to send a contingent of officers to help with disaster-relief efforts, including officers from its Gurkha Contingent. Some general observations I made is that several other countries are also sending in relief efforts to aid Nepal in this time of crisis, and these countries include Thailand, Britain, Germany, South Korea and many others.

The writer did not make a stand regarding this issue, however when I read this article, I felt proud. It is heartwarming to see that our nation, together with other countries, are willing to help another nation in need when it is facing a crisis. By sending relief efforts to Nepal, we not only show respect towards the country, we also display our care for people in need in other parts of the world. It is saddening to hear of the loss of many lives in this incident, and it shows us that natural disasters can sometimes be devastating if not handled properly. Be it earthquakes or tsunamis, we must ensure that we have plans to deal with the situation swiftly to minimize the number of casualties and fatalities.

If such a disasters strikes in Singapore, it will definitely lead to much panic and distress in our community. However much I hope that such a situation would not befall on our country, it is always better to be safe than sorry. It would be best to have a plan and be sure of what to do during an unexpected occurrence of an earthquake, and evacuation can also be done swiftly. Although such plans are a necessity, it is quite unlikely for us Singaporeans to experience such calamities as we are fortunate to be surrounded by other countries. Hence, it is our duty to send relief to nations when they are in need, helping them in the midst of serving the society and making contributions to the world.

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  1. I agree wi you where you said that you are proud of Singapore as they are willing to help another nation who is in need, example in this article, Singapire is helping Nepal. Your explanation and elaboration for your point of view is clear but I think you can link this article to your own personal life where you should learn to help others willingly when they are in need.