Friday, 7 August 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: Youth "fascinated with buses" stole 3 for joyrides (15/5/2015)

The issue being discussed here is that a teenager had stolen buses for joyrides simply because he had a deep interest in buses. He drove the vehicles despite being below 18  years old, and has since pleaded guilty to stealing three buses and taken the vehicles for joyrides after being arrested.

Upon reading this article, I felt utterly enraged that such theft of vehicles could still occur. Furthermore, the thief of those vehicles was a teenager who was not even 18 ye ars old. The thief had access to these vehicles in three cases, and this clearly shows that that the level of security in Singapore still has room for improvement. It would not be pleasant to see the vehicles owned by our family stolen, let alone taken for joyrides. The teenager should be accountable for his irresponsible acts of vehicle theft, as it is immoral to take something which is not rightfully ours, without permission. This would be deemed as stealing. Driving under 18 years of age and without a license in Singapore is illegal, and it was severely dangerous for untrained nor licensed teenager to be roaming about the streets driving a long vehicle like the bus. If he was not careful, it would have brought about severe consequences such as traffic accidents, resulting in injuries or the loss of life. He ought to have thought of the consequences of his irresponsible actions before doing so. 

If an accident was to take place, would the teenager be able to face up to the consequences? After the occurrence of accidents, people would naturally be afraid that these incidents would occur on them, and fear would be eminent amongst the members of the public. 

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  1. After reading your response, I think that your point of view is very unique because as for myself, I won't think that far till the level of security in Singapore still having room for improvement. Also, I agree that the act of the teenager who is not even 18 years old driving the vehicles is very dangerous as he doesn't have a driving license and may cause accidents on the roads, becoming a safety hazard. He should have thought of others on the road and thought twice before stealing vehicles JUST for joyrides. Again, you can add in stuff about what you learnt from this article!