Friday, 7 August 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: Taiwan police release protesters held over ministry break-in (24/7/2015)

The issue being discussed here is that the police has released 30 protesters, most of them students, who were held after they broke into the education ministry in the capital Taipei to oppose "China-centric" changes to the school curriculum. Increasing fears in Taiwan over Beijing's influence had sparked a three-week occupation of parliament last year by student-led protesters opposing a trade pact with China. Three journalists were also released.

After reading the article, I feel that the students and protesters have gone overboard by breaking into a government building. They scaled ladders to get into the building before barricading themselves in the education minister's office, and I was disturbed by their desperate attempts of protest. It is wrong of them to barge into a government building as they please, without permission. This act can make them liable for trespassing, and can be charged in court. Despite their severe protests against the new school curriculum, I see no need for such violent protests against the government. Changes can still be implied and their voices and opinions can still be shared if they communicate to the government in a rational manner, not resorting to such unkempt means of violence. Once violence is used, the government would definitely not be pleased with the acts of protesters, and calls for change from the protesters would still be ignored and overlooked. Hence, I feel that a rational conference should be set up as a platform for discussing this issue should be set up in order to ensure and assure the protesters' voices are heard and the government can then make necessary changes to the current curriculum to appeal to the student masses.

If this happened in Singapore, it would definitely have enraged many Singaporeans as a protest like such would have definitely upset the government and citizens. We are fortunate that such violent protests are a rare sight in our country, as we have an government which listens to majority of the citizens views. There is no need for such protests in our country as well, because most people know that violence only brings about harm and change can only be brought about through communicating rationally.

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  1. From another point of view, in Singapore, I think that our education system is already good and satisfying for everyone and maybe that's also why we never violently protests until that extent of the Taiwanese. Also, I think that the students shouldn't barge into a government building since it is only for the government to go in and out. They should not be barging in like it was their house. It is just plainly rude for them to do it. I hope that they can learn their lessons and talk calmly when they have problems or unsatisfaction about anything instead of using violence.