Friday, 7 August 2015

Matthew (34)

Article: "Under Attack"; Sports Hub rocked by 'explosions', 'gunfire' and 'chemical agent' in Exercise Northstar (9/5/2015)

The issue being discussed here is that in a simulated terror attack on Saturday, two vehicles exploded outside the Singapore Sports Hub just after noon followed by the release of a chemical agent inside the stadium as a sporting event took place.

Unexploded improvised explosive devices were also found in the stadium, people were evacuated, and those who ran to Kallang Wave Mall for safety found themselves facing four gunmen. This was part of the ninth Exercise Northstar, first introduced in 1997, to test the readiness and coordination between national agencies in responding to major emergencies in Singapore. Some observations I made were volunteers being involved in the exercise for the first time, with 1,300 playing the roles of evacuees and some helping with evacuation too.

In this article, the writer did not specify his views regarding this exercise. However, I feel that Exercise Northstar plays an important role in keeping our nation ready for cases of terrorism. To quote Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, "We take it very seriously because terrorism is a very live problem for us in this region and in Singapore, we have to be very careful." I agree with PM Lee's views that we should take terrorism as a serious threat in our country. Although it is uncommon for us to hear of cases of terrorism in Singapore, it still remains a dangerous threat to our society. In the past, there were cases of terrorists trying to target a specific location and create havoc by bombing. It was fortunate that their plans were foiled by our armed forces, and that nobody was injured. However, we must not lower our guard against the rise of terrorism in our country as we might not always be as lucky as before.

Should the act of terrorism manage to inflict some form of damage or fear in our society, it would definitely bring about negative impacts to our country. Everyone would be afraid to go out for fear of being hurt by terrorists, and terrorists can easily take control of an area in Singapore. Should they manage to detonate bombs wherever they like in our small nation, it would be catastrophic. We would then be in absolute control of the terrorists, bringing about the fall of our nation. Hence, in order to prevent this worst-case scenario from taking place, we must put in place preventive measures to curb such acts of terrorism. We must also be trained to remain vigilant at all times, as everybody plays a part in fighting terrorism in Singapore. If Singaporeans know what to do should an act of terrorism occur, we can be less anxious and calm, and minimize the number of casualties and fatalities because of the incident. 

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  1. I also agree with Mr Lee Hsien Loong where we should be always careful of terrorism in Singapore although these acts are very rare in Singapore. Rare doesn't mean it won't happen so better be safe than sorry, we must be prepared for terrorism. Thus, I think that the simulated terror attack in this article was a good idea just like fire drills in our schools as this can help the people and soldiers prepare for any terror attacks which may happen in the future. Also, I think that you can add in stuff from your personal life like the fire drills in schools that I have mentioned above!