Friday, 21 August 2015

ng tat kit 33

source: straits time online
 published on august 21

the article is about how the Breadtalk chain is giving away 50,000 buns over 3 weekends and donated $50,000 to community chest to make amends for selling soya bean milk in mislabeled bottles.

I feel that what Breadtalk did is much justified. As the huge chain has been doing this 2014, there was surely much money saved. However, i do not buy into Breadtalk's explanation, that the bottles were to used to store fruit juices and that it did not directly apologise, instead using an euphemism of "A management oversight" to explain for the con. what was worse was that although the employees would clearly have known what they were doing, none of them thought to blow the whistle on them. furthermore, this has been happening since 2014.
The fact that none of them ever went to inform the authorithies on what they were doing for more shows the attitude of singaporeans nowadays, basically the "its not my problem so I won't tell anyone mentality." i feel that at least one of them should have owned up to it.

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