Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

Netizens disgusted by rising trend of plastic surgery on dogs

Reports of pet dogs receiving plastic surgery have been going viral on Korean news portals. After hearing of such news, netizens show their anger and disapproval regarding the issue. Most of the pets receiving these procedures are dogs undergoing eye enhancement surgery, cutting the detail, raising their ears, botox, wrinkle-removing procedures, and even double eyelid surgery. It is reported that procedures removing the fat from the legs and even making their stomach lines prettier are on the rise. These procedures are reported to be starting from cheap as 60 dollars to thousands of dollars.
I feel that Korea is going overboard with their cosmetic surgeries. Dogs are unable to speak for themselves, and thus unable to give consent for any actions being done. Changing the facial features of the dog without its consent may be a form of animal abuse. What is wrong with people nowadays? Dogs were not created to be ATTRACTIVE! How would we feel if our parents forced us to get surgery on something unnecessary? 
I hope Singaporeans will not follow the footsteps of the Koreans. The Singapore Government should also ban any cosmetic surgery that can be done on pets.

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  1. I agree with you that Cosmetic surgery in Korea is getting overboard. Many people spend thousands of dollars doing these surgeries just for good looks. Are these necessary? Or are these just something that they want? They are putting their life in danger by doing these surgeries as there is no gurantee it will be a success and the result of failure is grave. Pets such as dogs are meant to be there to keep people happy and entertained, however these people are using their pets as an accesory to show of to others. They do not think for their pets.