Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

Dog buried alive in France sparks social media fury

The article is about a dog being buried alive in France. A police source told AFP that the dog was surrounded by stones and her lead was attached to a sack of gravel to prevent her breaking free from the earth. The owner of the dog claimed that the dog had run away, but investigators said this was "not very plausible", as the dog is more than 10 years old and suffers from arthritis.
I feel that the owner is indeed despicable. Most irresponsible dog owners would usually abandon their pets on the streets. However, this owner buried his dog alive, such that the dog is not even able to roam free to try survive on its own. It is just left there, to die. Someone with basic morals would never do this to a harmless old creature. This owner is insane, and needs to receive a longer jail term for his acts. I feel that France is taking animal abuse too lightly, so if this situation is not dealt strictly, more cases like such would happen in future.

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  1. I agree that people who abuse animals should be dealt with more strictly. Nowadays, there are many cases of animal abuse. In China, dogs are slaughtered alive and served as a delicacy. However, if I say that, won't killing chickens and cows be considered animal cruelty too? Just because those animals are not as cute as dogs, does not mean that they should be neglected. I feel that if people are actually against animal cruelty, they would be vegetarians. But anyway, burying a dog alive is just disgusting and I agree that the owner should be dealt more harshly.