Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Ng Yi Jie (17)

Death threats shatter dreams of first female pilot

This article is about Niloofar Rahmani becoming Afghanistan's first female fixed-wing military pilot, but her dreams of being a pilot are shattered by constant threats by the Taliban and her extended family members. Her family lives in fear, and their comfortable middle-class life is gone because of her pursuit of being a female pilot.
In my opinion, she should have expected death threats from superstitious people. What can she expect from the overly gender bias and superstitious society that she is living in? However, since even her family members' lives are in danger, I hope she can stop what she is doing for the good of her family. It is unfair for her large family to be suffering because of her dreams to lead a better and free life. Gender equality would not happen in Afghanistan for the time being, and she should learn to deal with it if she really persist on living her dreams. 
In Singapore, both females and males have the same amount of opportunities to shine in society. It may take a while for Afghanistan to adapt to the modern culture due to its religion's restriction, but I believe that it will soon modernise its culture and beliefs will change.

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  1. I feel very sorry for her as she is just trying to pursue her dreams. If she was born in another country like Singapore, things would be completely different for her. This is why we should be appreciative of what we have here in Singapore, Both genders receive equal opportunities and do not have to fear terrorism. However, the article stated that it was her father's dream too for her to become a pilot, so I feel that the family is supportive of what she is doing currently regardless of the danger before them.