Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sarah Lim (19) for 10/8/15

Johor’s reservoir level at historic low

Published Date: 4/8/15

The issue discussed here is that Johor reservoir's water level is decreasing due to prolonged dry weather in Malaysia and has now reached a historic low of 54.5% of the reservoir capacity. This affects Singapore's ability to draw its full 250 million gallons entitlement to meet 60% of our current needs. If the situation worsens, Singapore may have to restrict some uses of water such as washing vehicles and floors. Chances of turning to water rationing is very low but playing a part by consuming less water is strongly encouraged.
The author did not express any feelings in this article but the Minister for Environment and Water Resources Mr Balakrishnan, urges Singaporeans to use water wisely especially when the supply is lower than demands. However, I personally feel that Singaporeans should have always practice wise usage of water and not just during times of emergencies. One of our 4 national taps is imported water and the fact that it meets more than half of local demand means that it should be conserved. If every Singaporean can change their wasteful habits, it is going to make a huge difference. We are more than thankful to have local reservoirs to collect rainwater and technological methods of cleaning water such as Newater and desalination. They are just like back-ups which we can fall back on in times of water crisis so that we can make water rationing, which creates a lot of inconvenience, the last resort. In a nutshell, saving water is our top priority because it is limited.

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  1. I agree with Sarah, Water is precious and we should stop wastage. We should not think that we can use water however we want to and waste it as the electricity bills are affordable. Even is it is cheap, we cannot waste water as Singapore do not have her own water. Our water are all imported from neighboring countries.