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Sarah Lim (19) for 13/7/15

Does tuition help or hinder?

Published Date: 7/7/15

The issue being discussed here is whether tuition truly benefits students, or it is just a waste of time, effort and money. Studies have shown that Singapore is ranked first among 18 countries for providing tuition for students and families spent about 1.1 billion dollars on tuition annually but only one third of the parents commented that tuition is a great help. Ironically, those who do not go for tuition performed better academically than those who attend when the purpose of tuitions is to improve the grades.
The writer’s opinion is that there is an urgent need to look into whether tuition helps or hinders students in their learning process. Based on various studies, we are starting to doubt the effectiveness of attending tuition classes. Hefty amounts of money is invested for tuitions and yet, students continue to perform poorly in tests and examinations. In my opinion, effectiveness of tuition classes depends on the professionalism of the tutor and the student’s willingness to cooperate. Tuition classes can truly benefit students when both parties (tutor and student) put in their best in teaching and learning respectively.
As for me, I do not think tuition is a necessity. As long as students pay close attention to school teachers during lessons and consult them when in doubts, they will have no problem coping with the subject. Results of tests or examinations should not be a determining factor on whether one should seek aid through tuition. Instead, student should reflect on whether their mistakes arise from merely carelessness or a misconception. They can arrange for consultation with school teachers to clarify their misconceptions so that the same mistake would not be repeated in the next test. This is a cheaper and more flexible way to get help instead of turning to tutors. This allow students to be independent learners as they take charge of their own learning.

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  1. I agree with Sarah's point. In my opinion, I think that whether or not tuition is necessary depends on the student's academic ability. Is he is a talented smart student or even an average student, I think a little more hard work will be able to push him or her to their best abilities without tiring them too much. Why spend money to tire him when he is already a genius? However, if the student is lazy and not talented, maybe tuition is a necessity. Practice makes perfect right? With more practice with the tutor, they lazy student will get work done by thier supervision.