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Sarah Lim (19) for 27/7/15

Nurturing leadership traits in the young

Published: 27 /7/15

The issue discussed here is about Northoaks Primary School involving Primary One pupils in hosting visitors on their open house earlier this month. Some served as tour guides, introducing various aspects of the school to curious parents and children, while others put on performances to entertain them. The purpose was to groom children into leaders from a young age and also to strength the sense of belonging towards the school.

The writer is praising the school for their efforts in grooming young leaders by building up self-confidence and independence through this frightening experience of interacting with strangers. He carefully highlighted parents' and pupils' positive comments towards the schools' interactive program-mes. I feel that more schools in Singapore should adopt a similar method to instill a mind-set in lower primary/secondary students that a 'newbie' is capable of contributing to the school by taking up leadership roles. More students and teachers believe that being new to the school meant that it is forgivable for one to make more mistakes and not abide by the school rules occasionally. However, I have seen students seeing it as an excuse to misbehave. Teachers may allow time for students who just got enrolled into the school to adapt to the new environment but leniency should not go to an extent that students take it for granted and break rules knowingly. Hence, schools may consider to twitch their mind-set of 'newbies' by not underestimating their abilities. Rather, they should receive equal opportunities as their seniors so that they can actively be involved in various events to train their soft skills.

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  1. I agree with Sarah's point. Grooming children and instilling leadership skills in them is a very important step to building our nation as us young generations will be the future leaders. In the future, I hope we also can bring activities and also groom our younger generations for the furture as what the current leaders are doing for us now. One generation watches, the Other generation learns