Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sarah Lim (19) for 3/8/15

‘We feared the worst’ says father of recovering Taiwan burn victim

Published Date: 2/8/15

The issue discussed here is that 18-year-old Megan who suffered severe burns on 80 per cent of her body after a huge fire broke out at a Taipei Water Park, miraculously recovered after successful skin grafts, reducing burn wounds to only 5 per cent of her body. Last week, Megan asked her parents the most dreaded question: “why me?" and they replied that did not know why it happened because they are not God, but they are grateful that each time she needed help, there would be someone.
I fully agree with principle behind Megan’s parents’ reply that we do not have to pursue why fate turn their backs to us, but instead we should look on the brighter side and be grateful that there are people unrelated to us willing to lend us a helping hand. It is a miracle for Megan to recover so speedily and I truly compliment her courage in pulling through those painful and tough times. I would like to quote Megan’s father’s words, “So for the 'why me?' question, maybe there's a special calling for her in the future as a doctor, for how many doctors out there can say with empathy that they have been on the other side of the fence and dallied with death?” It has always been Megan’s dream to become a doctor when she grows up. Having experienced a life-and-death trauma allows Megan to better empathize how hopeless and traumatized her patients would feel in battling with their illness. It would be to her advantage as not many doctors can put themselves into the patients’ shoes and fully understand what they are going through. Hence, should Megan fulfill her dream, she would definitely be a good doctor.

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  1. I agree with Sarah;s point. I believe that everything happens for a reason and I think Megan should work hard to pursue her dream as a doctor after experiencing what is like being a patient. A great doctor will be able to empathize with the patient and i hope Megan can recover quickly.