Sunday, 9 August 2015

ng tat kit 33

the article i am discussing about today is 'free range parenting in the land of the free." this article discussess the relative merits of letting children roam freely or shadowing their every step. Although i
feel that free roaming is the better option as the child gets to socialise, explore, and learn in real life without the presence of an adult, which some consider inhibiting, i still feel that only older children should be allowed to do so, as children up to the age of 10 are generally more gullible and are easier to be led astray or have things happen to them. of course, there are dangers in this world, but the mind view of many parents, including most Singaporean parents, is that there is danger lurking at every corner. this is not so. however, i feel that Singapore is actually relatively safe compared to america, where most kids are free to roam. Thus, i feel that free roaming should be allowed for those mature and confident enough of themselves.

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