Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 07/07/15

Article: Austria's top pole vaulter paralysed after training accident
Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/sport/austrias-top-pole-vaulter-paralysed-after-training-accident
Date of publish: 01/08/15

Issue being discussed:
Austria's top pole vaulter Kira Gruenberg has been left paralysed after sustaining a serious training injury. She landed on her head and neck in the pole vault box during her routine training jump. She now remains in intensive care and doctors will conduct further tests in the coming weeks to assess her progress.

General observation:
I have seen videos of anthelets suffered from severe injury in the videos. Some are pure accidents while other could be prevented if safety measure was taken. The injuries that the anthelets suffered usually are very serious that could end up losing ones life.

Point of view:
The writer did not state his point of view so I shall state my point of view. In my opinion, Kira Gruenberg was not in her usual state during her routine jump. Since it stated the word 'routine', this means she has been doing this almost everyday and yet she landed in such a huge accident, causing her to paralyze. But one the good side, her life was saved, though she might not be able to jump anymore but she is still alive. I believe that on that day, during her routine jump, some safety measures was not taken as being an experienced pole vaulter, to land herself in such a huge accident is quite shocking. This article made me realize no matter how familiar we are with certain things, as long as there are some percentage of danger exists, we must be careful at all times as we never know when an unpleasant accident is going to happen, and that accident could just make us regret for life.

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