Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 19/05/15

Article: smartphones more valued than family cat for most users
Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/tech/smartphones/smartphone-more-valued-than-family-cat-for-most-users-survey-shows
Date of publish: 29 July 2015

Issue being discussed:
A survey was conducted one people to see how close they were to their smartphones and the result was quite shocking. Some of them use their smartphones almost everywhere they go, even showering. Some even 'tell' their smartphone secrets that no one knows about them, even their best friends. It was quite surprising as I could not imagine how are these people going to live without their smartphones.

General observation:
I have seen many peopl using phones whenever they go and whenever they could. In trains, buses, almost everyone is using phones. Even my friends, when we are having lunch together, she never leaves her phone aside.

Point of view:
The write did not state his point of view so I shall state my point of view. In my opinion, nowadays many people are 'glued' to their smartphones, they never left their hands. Smartphones have now become an important item in people's lives. However, because of this, relationships between families, friends and relatives becomes cold. They spend too much time on their phones rather than communicating with one another. Sometimes, people are using their smartphones even though the other person was talking to them. I feel it's quite rude to not pay attention to the speaker as it shows you do not give respect to that speaker. Some people even worse, become heavily addicted to phones that separating themselves away from their phone is almost impossible. This could be very destructive to their social lives. I understand the importance of smartphones since so much convenience was brought by the smartphones but I think moderate usage of smartphones is then using the smartphones. If not, it would be smartphones 'using' you.

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