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Tong Yizhi (20) 19/08/15

Article: Singaporean uncle's kind act towards foreign labourers in train goes viral
Date of publish: 25 August 2015

Issue being discussed:
A Singaporean uncle encouraged three construction workers to stay in their seats when they got up to give up their seats to some Singaporean commuters. He thinks that they helped Singapore to build our homes so they can sit since their stop will take a very long time. His action was captured in a Facebook post by the reporter who was in the same train carriage as them, has gone viral. Many people praised the Singaporean uncle and was proud of his kind act.

General observation:
There are many foreign workers in Singapore. They helped Singapore to be clean and also build our homes. However, not many Singaporeans are willing to be kind to them. They either look down on them or are scared of them since they are foreigners. Sometimes, when a foreign worker approach us for help, we would most likely to brush them off.

Point of view:
The writer did not state his point of view, so I will share my point of view. I think that this Singaporean uncle was very kind. He knows that the three foreign construction workers must be very tired after the long day of work so he encouraged them to keep their seats. Furthermore, I agree with his statement "Hey you can sit down... You don't always have to give up your seat, especially not to men on the train. You come here to build our homes so you can sit also you know?" Without their help and hardship, we would not have a home to stay. They are foreigners who come from another country to work here. Most of their jobs requires physical strength that is extremely tiring. But they are building our home for us so we should be kind to them. When they need help with directions, instead of ignoring them or brush them aside, we should help them. They must feel very helpless if no one would help them as Singapore is a foreign country to them. We should learn more from the Singaporean uncle, appreciate the foreign workers' efforts and hardship and be kind towards them.

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