Sunday, 9 August 2015

Yeoh zi jun (36) 2H

 When you wake up everyday and you turn on the tap, what flows out? Yes,water,clean reliable water that some feel safe even to drink. However, this clean drinking water will not be available if we continue wasting water. The article I am discussing to you about is that the reservoirs in Singapore had a 25% less water as compared to the average. And water level is at it's lowest. Singapore, being very reliable, felt that water cannot always come from one source, which was Malaysia. We could not depend on Malaysia for water forever. Hence, through this years, Singapore have developed various ways for water catchment which we now call it the four national taps of Singapore. We have our reservoirs, desalination plants,Newater and lastly, imported water from Malaysia. However, with the recent drop in water levels, reservoir becomes less reliable. If we people take these water for granted, there will soon be no water for us. Ironically, we are the root cause of the problem. If we had not wasted water and created global warming, we would not have less and less water. Because of our selfish acts, other species are dying faster than we are. I feel that this has to stop or earth is going to die. We need to raise awareness about the importance of water so that people know about them and will not take the water for granted. It is only through education will the people fully understand it and save water. We have to start acting now before it is too late. We must not wait until it is too late before we start taking actions.

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  1. I agree that everyone is responsible for this because many did not have enough awareness about the global warming and lack of water resources. In order to increase awareness, actions such as putting posters around can be taken. Everyone should do their part by saving water and only using the amount that they need. I believe that if everyone are responsible for their own actions, the situation will improve.