Sunday, 9 August 2015

Yeoh Zi jun (36) 2H

the article I am discussing about today is that nestle, the famous Singapore brand and take-it, a selling chocolate company were arguing over the size of chocolates. The famous kit Kat, and take- it had the same shape and size, both being wafer fingers and chocolate coated. Both companies crossed sword as nestle saw it as a form of copyright. They arguing in court was an ironic thing, for the catchphrase for kit Kat was to take a break. As the author said, no break was taken. Since the writer did not express her point of views, I will talk about mine. I feel that even though nestle felt it a breach of the products, i feel that the two companies should not be fighting something as small as this. Even though nestle feels that the shape is something unique and only belongs to kit kat, but consumers in the market are looking out for the quality of the chocolates, which they have been satisfied with kit kat, not the shape of the chocolates. Even if Take it company decides to copy the shape of kit kat, which I am hoping they didn't intentionally, if the quality of their chocolates are not good, no body is going to purchase them. Hence I feel that the shape of the chocolate is something trivial and should not be fought over in court.


  1. Zi jun, nestle is a swiss company, not a singaporean company.

  2. I agree with you that what the consumers are looking for is the quality of the chocolates but I still believe that the shape of the chocolate plays an important part too. Many consumers who always goes for Kit Kat might take it as a trademark since it is always of the particular shape. However, I feel that it is not really necessary to have such a huge commotion. As long as the packaging of the chocolate from the two companies are not similar, it is less likely that consumers will mix them up.