Sunday, 9 August 2015

yeoh zi jun (36) 2H

Every single day for me starts with a bread from the famous bread stall,bread talk, and sometimes even soy milk. One day I found out through reading the news that bread talk had not been entirely honest with their products,after a customer took a video of an employee pouring yeo's soy milk into plastic bottles. I was very angry which is why I am writing this article to express my point of views on the matter. Firstly, I feel very angry at the lack of honesty displayed by bread talk. Lots of people go to their stall to buy a couple of bread because they had the belief that their products were 'homemade' and fresh. This belief was shattered forever when the video of an employee pouring yeo's soy milk into plastic bottles went viral online. The company used the term' unaligned misinterpretation, which many clearly saw it as deception. Even though the company has produced good quality bread, many are doubtful now whet here they should buy bread from them,for fear that they used bread that was baked yesterday. However angry I am towards their actions, I feel that they have done the right thing by admitting their wrongdoing instead of denying which would have looked even worse for their company. Now we can only wait to see whether customers are stillwilling to buy bread from them... I would still buy bread from them, but not before checking the freshness of the bread before buying from them.

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  1. I agree with you that this incident caused many customers to lose trust in BreadTalk's products and that BreadTalk's business would drop. I too feel that it was not a right thing to do and that they should have been more honest. However, I still have to applaud them for their bravery of admitting to this mistake immediately instead of trying to hide the fact and fabricate things. In the article, it was mentioned that to regain trust, they can put a time-stamp on their bread products. I personally believe that this will be a good method since customers will then know the freshness of the bread and start trusting them again.