Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Yizhuo 2 h

Title: "Let's do more to support elderly cardboard collectors"

In this article, the writer tries to rally support from the public to help the elderly cardboard collectors. He wrote this article after the accident involving an elderly woman, Zheng Yuan Ying, being killed while collecting cardboard. Madam Zheng was pinned under a bus while making her way to a cardboard-collection point.

What I find really interesting about this article is that the writer said that the elderly cardboard collectors were paid 10 cents per kilo of cardboard collected. The writer interviewed some collectors and they told him that they make about $10 a day. That also meant that they would have to collect 100kg of cardboard. "Why do these seniors take such a risk? What drives people like Madam Zheng to work through their golden years for a pittance?" This were the questions the writer asked which I found very intriguing.

Personally, I was shocked when I read that the elderly cardboard collectors only made 10 cents for every kilo of cardboard collected. I could not imagine how much effort the elderlies have to put in when they are just trying to make ends meet. Suppose they want to eat a bowl of fishball noodles that cost $2.50, they would have to collect 25kg of cardboard just to fill up their stomach. I really feel that many people now a days do not appreciate what they have. People are still complaining about the food they are given and some even throwing them away.

After doing some research online, I found out that there's a non-profit organisation in Singapore called "Happy People Helping People Foundation". Their mission is to invite elderly cardboard collectors to attend, for free, a potluck party that they organise once every two to three months, called Extend the Feast. I feel very happy to know that there are still people in Singapore who care for the older generations, trying their best to make their golden years happier.

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  1. One reason these elderly have to do this to earn money for themselves is because their children think of them as a burden and do not want to support them. This leaves them with no choice but to go outside and fend for themselves. They cannot get a proper job because of their old age and incapability, so collecting cardboard is one of the only options left. I think that homes for the elderly is a place meant to help these elderly whose children have left them and if more of such homes are built, the situation could turn better.