Monday, 10 August 2015

Yizhuo 2h

Title: Better IPPT scores under new format

The main idea of this aticle is how the revised individual physical proficiency test had improved scores under the new format. The new format replaced the current five-station physical fitness test of chin-ups, seat-ups, standing broad jump, 4x10m shuttle run and 2.4km run into just push-ups , seat-ups and 2.4km run , it is a move to make IPPT less painful for Nsmen, especially does who failed it and was sent for remedial lesson. More will likely pass the new IPPT according to defense minister Ng End Hen as  Nsmen are more motivated to max out each station and collect as many points as possible from the fastest time for the run and their personal best for how many push up and seat ups they could do in a minute.
After reading this article, I also agree with Dr Ng the revised test is much better for Nsmen as the exercises can be practiced anywhere for example push up and seat ups can be practice at home and for the 2.4 km run , it can be trained by running around your housing estate . Furthermore , the exercises that was scraped off requires skill to do like standing broad jump which some may not have.This is also much better for servicemens ,whose fitness level drops as they age, as the required service standards will change every three years.In my own opinion, This will also allow future Nsmen to prepare beforehand after their A-levels , making the IPPT much more manageable when they enter the army.


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  1. I do not really agree with the improvised version of the IPPT. If the criteria needed to pass the test is easier to fulfuill, the standards of NS men will be lower as they are not put under such tough training as before. But I think that the improvised version of the IPPT is better for service men as they might be much older and naturally with old age, their fitness level will drop together with their physical abilities. So the new version of IPPT which is of a lower standard can be better suited for them.