Monday, 10 August 2015

Yizhuo 2h

Current Affairs Reading (Lim Yiting 16)

Running 50km a day, over 50 days, to celebrate SG50. 

Fifty staff and students from the institute of technical education (ITE) will take turn running 50 km a day, over a span of 50 days alongside veteran ultra marathoners, in lieu of Singapore's 50th birthday. 
I feel that this event encourages young people to exercise more. They will find a drive to do something significant for their nation's birthday, thus going for this run. Nowadays, people are getting more attached to their phones, thus not exercising as frequently. This event will encourage people to have a healthier lifestyle and also feeling a sense of pride for their nation's 50th birthday. 


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  1. This is indeed a good way to make the students motivated to go for a run and keep themselves fit. What worries me is that the distance might be too long for some students who are not so fit. What I would suggest is for the students to form groups of 5 or 10 and together with their group members, cover a total distance of 50km. That will make sure everyone gets enough exercise while those who are more fit can choose to run more while those who are not so fit to run may choose to run lesser.