Tuesday, 11 August 2015


Title of Article: Protect young from problem gambling(Opinion section)

Link: http://www.straitstimes.com/news/opinion/more-opinion-stories/story/protect-young-problem-gambling-20150223

In this article, the issue being discussed is more and more young people are having a habit of gambling. In the article, the writer feels that young people should not start gambling and for those that have started, we need to help them to kick the habit. The article also states that some of the reasons more youths are starting to gamble is due to the fact that we are in such a technologically-advanced country. These youths may gamble online just for fun but before they knew it, they have gotten the habit of gambling. Some youths may also do a little bit of gambling for fun during festive seasons but they got carried away and they could no longer stop the habit, as stated by the article.

After reading this article, I definitely agree with the writer's point of view. We can think that gambling will not cause harm to our families and it is easy to kick the habit. But it is not as easy as we think it is. It can cause a lot of financial problems to our family and bring about unnecessary stress to the whole family. It can also bring a lot of heartbreaks and cause the relationships and bonds between our friends and family members to break. Not only that, families may also have to face a constant problem: Loan sharks. These gamblers will never stop gambling once they have gotten addicted to it. When families have no more money to supply them with money to gamble, they will look for the loan sharks to borrow money. And we all know how frightening it is whenever a loan shark comes knocking on our door for money and pouring paint all over our door. No one wants all of these to happen. Thus, we should keep an eye out of these youths and make sure that they are not having the habit of gambling. If we ensure that youths are not into gambling, this country will definitely become a better place.

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