Tuesday, 11 August 2015


PM Lee presents 200 Pioneer Generation cards to elderly constituents in Teck Ghee

In this article, reporter Au Yong reports that PM Lee presented pioneer generation cards to elderly people. Mr Lee, speaking in both English and Chinese, said the package was a token of our appreciation and gratitude and our respect to the pioneer generation who helped us to build the today's Singapore. It is to honor and thank our pioneers for their hard work and dedication. I totally agree with PM Lee saying that our pioneer generation had put in a lot of hard work when they were young, determined, passionate and worked together hand in hand with our former prime minister Lee Kuan Yew to build today's Singapore because they have spent their time when they were all young and energetic to build Singapore and provide such a good environment for their children and grand-children to enjoy something which they themselves did not have, but created. The pioneer generation card will allow these people to not have to pay as much when they are sick and are heavily subsidized which helps them with their healthcare costs for life. The pioneers have worked so hard to make Singapore what is today, a modern, prosperous and high economic city. I think it is definitely right for the government to repay these pioneers for their hard work and dedication for Singapore as we will not be what we are without them by the pioneer generation package that will help the pioneer generation in defraying their healthcare costs. Our pioneers set Singapore on its path of development and transformed the lives of a whole population through their courage and resilience. We have achieved much in this 50 years of nation building, and there is much for us to remember and learn from the values, spirit and shared aspirations of our pioneer generation. Thus, I agree with the governments decision for establishing the pioneer generation package.

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