Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Yong Jie Ning (22) 19 August

Bomb blast in Bangkok kills at least 16
Source: iPad straits time 
Published on: 18 August 

The issue discussed here is that in Bangkok, there is a sudden bomb blast that has killed at least 16 people. It is the worst incident that has happened in Bangkok and the authorities are looking into this unnatural matter. There are 4 foreigners among those dead and no Singaporeans have since reported dead but there are some injured Singaporeans. The Singapore ambassy staff have met the injured Singaporeans and providing assistance to them. There were many casualties and 2 hospitals nearby the attacked scene are urgently requesting for blood donors. 

The writer did not expressed any views but I feel that the person who planted the bomb there is very irresponsible as the suspect did not consider the effects of the bomb that it will harm many people and property and even cause many lives to be lost. Not only is this is an irresponsible act, but also an unacceptable act. I find the person who has planted the bomb really ridiculous as he / she place a bomb at such a crowded and lively area. This obviously shows that the bomber wants to kill people and a sign of threatening the authorities. However, even so he / she shouldn't do so because bombing at such a lively place also took local and foreigners' lives who are innocent. Anyways, no matter what reason there is, he / she or anyone shouldn't bomb. 

If this happened in Singapore, the person who did it must be a lunatic because Singapore is known as a harmonious country so no one should bomb somewhere because of something that he / she is unhappy or unsatisfied with. I believe Singapore authorities will also take neccessary actions like the Bangkok authorities to ensure that all citizens remain safe. 

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