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Yong Jie Ning (22) 4 August 2015

Johor reservoir's water level at historic low 

Source: iPad Straits times app 
Published on: 4 August 2015 

The issue discussed here is that Johor reservoir's water level is decreasing to due to prolonged dry weather in Malaysia and now has reached a historic low of 54.5% of the reservoir capacity. Not only does this affects Johor's water supply, this is also affects Singapore's ability to draw 250 million gallons entitlement from the Johor reservoir as this amount of water meets up to 60% of Singapore's needs. If this situation continues to worsen, Singapore authorities may control the usage of drinkable water. According to Minister of Environment and water resources Mr Balakrishnan, although there is no need for alarm but he urges Singaporeans to do our part by saving water and use lesser water. 

The author did not express any feelings to this article but the Minister for Enviroment and water resources Mr Balakrishnan hopes Singaporean to save water so that we will not run out of water so quickly since we are not getting the amount of water that we are supposed to get from the Johor reservoir. I personally think that not only at this point of time must we save water but we must save water every now and then. As Singapore is a tiny island and we don't have much resources, we use a lot of resources from overseas countries which includes water as 60% of our water are from there. We cannot take this for granted as one day, we have to be independent to have our own source of water and not keep relying on others. During this dry season, we must all do our part to ensure that every Singaporeans gets water by saving water. 

If this happens in Singapore, we may also have a water crisis just like how Johor is having now during this dry season. This way it is more important that we Singaporeans save water and think of more sources to get clean water. If we don't do this, we may have water rationing which is what we all do not wish to happen and it will only happen as the last choice. 

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  1. i agree that we should all be playing our part in conserving water as pure water is not a natural resource that singapore has and we depend on other sources to get our resources. if those other countries lack in their resources for example water, we would not be getting water from them. if we keep wasting water, taking for granted that water comes out every time we turn the tap, there would be a day when it does not.