Sunday, 9 August 2015

Zeyu (21)

Source: iPad Straits Times app

  The issue being discussed today is about young kids accessing social media tools at a very young age, some even before they go to primary school. A study found that YouTube is the most commonly used social media for children aged six and below. Parents are concerned that the children might be exposed to unsavory when they go online on their own as it is hard for parents to monitor the children online.

  After reading about this article, I think that there are no benefits for children before primary school to use social media. First, they are too young, they do not have self control. When they watch video on YouTube, they can watch as long as they want because internet isn't like television which only shows a few episodes daily. The count children will be hooked onto the video for hours and it is not good for their eye sight and physical health as they will not want to go outdoors to play because they were too addicted to the videos. Next, children of such young age do not have the ability to differentiate what is right or wrong, thus they might be watching videos that are not suitable for them, it is also not good to them mentally. Thus I think that children should not use social media tools at a very young age like before going to primary school.

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  1. Good reasoning as to why children should not be exposed to social media at a young age and I do agree with your reasonings about the, not being able to differentiate right and wrong.