Monday, 10 August 2015

Zeyu (21)

Source: iPad Straits Times app
  The issue being discussed today is about our First Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Yesterday, we celebrated the nation's golden jubilee, fiftieth birthday. It is also the first national day parade without our first prime minister Mr Lee who had left us months ago. While celebrating Singapore's birthday, a somber three minutes film tribute to Mr Lee brought many in the audience, including politicians to tears.

  After reading this article, I feel sad that Mr Lee cannot celebrate this golden jubilee with us, but still glad that someone made a film to tribute him. Mr Lee was such a great leader, he led Singapore through all those difficult times. From a small and undeveloped fishing village to a modernized and prosperous nation now. Without him, we would not have come so far. Singapore is just a little red dot, people thought that Singapore could not make it. But Mr Lee believed that we can, it is so impressive that Singapore is such a wonderful country now.   I think we should all remember what had Mr Lee done for us and thank him with our hearts. 9 August 2015 is such an important day, while celebrating nation's fiftieth birthday, we should also not forget about Mr Lee's contribution.

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  1. Good points on elaborating about how Mr Lee contributed to Singapore. Maybe you can add more thoughts and feelings about your thinking towards him.