Monday, 10 August 2015

Zeyu (21)


10 victims of bacterial outbreak say they had eaten raw seafood

Issue being discussed: Authorities here are investigating a message that went viral on Monday that claimed that there is a bacteria outbreak from eating contaminated raw fish. 10 of these cases reported consumption of raw fish. However, there has not previously been any proven link between eating fish, raw or otherwise, and GBS disease. However, in adults, GBS may occasionally cause infections of the skin, joints, heart and brains. The risk factors for GBS infection include underlying chronic or co-morbid condition. The claim was circulated widely on Monday via Whatsapp message on mobile phones and also the social media.

Response: This matter is a major concern, as it involves our health. Many people like to eat raw seafood and they eat it very often, it might be a threat to their health as they might contract the GBS disease by eating the contaminated raw fish. I think we should beware of what we eat as it might badly affect our health and our health is very important. Since many seas are contaminated by poisonous substances from the factories nowadays, we should restrain from eating raw seafood. We should also reflect upon ourselves to be more concern about our nature.

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  1. I agree with you and raw seafood itself already contain some bacteria, even though people take it seriously but when real trouble comes, people will then be aware of it.