Monday, 10 August 2015

Zeyu (21)


The issue being discussed: On the evening rush hour of Jul 7, train services on the NSEWL were disrupted for at least 3.5 hours, leaving some 250,000 passengers stranded as they jostled for free bus services. After both lines were back up and running, free travel along the NSEWL continued until service resumed normally the next day. The disruption was caused by intermittent tripping of the rail power system at multiple locations, due to the lower electrical resistance pathway at a third rail insulator.  

  I feel that the SMRT should check more regularly to make sure the trains does not break down. They should also maintain the rail power system properly. If one train breaks down, other trains will also be delayed thus many people will be affected and their time will be delayed. These few years, the train had been breaking down more and more often. I was caught in the break down a few times and my schedule was delayed. In Singapore, MRT is an important form of transport, most people take MRT wherever they go. Thus, I hope the SMRT workers will treat this seriously. I am sure if they check it more often and maintain the system properly, the trains will not break down so often as it is now. I am glad that the SMRT CEO apologized sincerely but not pushing the blame to others.

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  1. Nice point of view sharing about how SMRT is responsible and how this affects the people's lives. You also wrote your personal experience of a train breakdown. Generally, it's ok.