Monday, 10 August 2015

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information: SINGAPORE - Upset that his wife was making a long-distance call to a person unknown to him, Harvinder Singh punched her while they fought and then left her lying on the bed.

He thought at first that she was unconscious and realised only later that she was dead.

A coroner's court found on Tuesday that Indian national Jasvinder Kaur, 33, had been murdered by her 35-year-old husband on Dec 11, 2013.

Response: I feel that the husband should have more self control and be more sensible. His wife is only making a long-distance call to someone unknown to him and because she doesn't want to tell him who the unknown is, he have to fought with her and hit her till she is dead. Everyone have their own privacy, it doesn't mean that being very close to each other equals to having the right to know everything. She also did not do something serious enough to deserve it. I also feel that he should be responsible and honest for what he has done and not tries to hide it away. His friends should also not help him with disposing of the body and helping the criminal to get away with his crimes. I hope that he will be captured soon and be sentenced to what he deserve.

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  1. This act of the husband was a very rash and not clearly thought through. He committed a serious offence by murdering his wife. Also, he should have kept his calm and find out who his wife was calling, without just jumping to conclusions.