Monday, 10 August 2015

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information: SINGAPORE - A serial pickpocket, believed to be responsible for several cases of theft along Orchard Road, has been nabbed by the police.

The 28-year-old man was arrested on Sunday, after a woman made a police report that her handphone and other personal items were taken from her backpack. She said the suspect had bumped into her and walked away hurriedly.

Policemen from the Tanglin Division, who were on patrol subsequently located the suspect less than three hours after the report was made, and detained him.

Response: I feel that one should not be involved with loan sharks by all means. Lending money form loan sharks is illegal and one could be in jail for getting involved. I think that even if you desperately need money for something, loan sharks should not be an option because in the end you will never stop needing money and you might need more as the loan just keeps on increasing. The two women who got involved should have known the risk of unable to pay the money back. I also feel that the person who pickpocket people should turn over a new leaf as pickpocket is not a way of making a living and is illegal. No matter the possible reasons, it is still illegal to steal other people's money. Pickpocket will just obstruct your future.

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  1. Pickpocketing is one of the most serious and common crimes committed by adults and even students. This is wrong as it goes against our principles, dishonesty and untrustworthy. If a culprit is caught, it may tarnish his reputation as people will know him as a dishonest and untrustworthy person.