Monday, 10 August 2015

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information: Dogs are playing a bigger role in fighting crime here. The Singapore Police Force's K-9 Unit had a paw in cracking 222 cases last year, double the number in 2011.

The unit's commanding officer, Superintendent Koh Lye Meng, attributed the rise to "a better understanding" of what police dogs can do, through talks and presentations given to the rest of the force and other Home Team agencies.

This better appreciation of the dogs' capabilities means that the dogs, which are on standby 24 hours a day, will be activated more quickly.

Response: I feel that dogs are really useful and kind. They are loyal pets, crime fighting partners and also can help people who are blind to find their way home. I think that sometimes humans are even lower than dogs. Dogs are kind natured unlike humans which thinks of how to plot to harm or get something through underhand methods. I think that the method of using dogs to sniff drugs out will be very useful as they are able to detect it well, having nose that is 44 times more sensitive to smell compared to our nose. The cases of drug trafficking they found increased with the help of dogs. I think that we should train more dogs to help fight crime as they are better in some ways and can make Singapore safer and a better place.

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  1. Using K-9 unit dogs to aid the police force in finding out drug traffickers will be very effective, as they have a strong sense of smell and can sniff out any drug compartments or places where the drug traffickers have hidden the drugs. Drug offense is very serious in Singapore, as the penalty is death. This shows how severe Singapore is towards drugs. Drugs can also ruin someone's life just by taking it once, so we should never ever take drugs.