Monday, 10 August 2015

Zhou Wei (24)

General Information: SINGAPORE - A man targeted in a failed murder plot had an affair with the wife of the alleged mastermind of the conspiracy, a court heard on Tuesday.

Singapore permanent resident Aye Maung Maung Thet, 28, was allegedly tasered by two men in a multi-storey carpark in Pasir Ris last month, but managed to attract the attention of passers-by. His attackers fled before the grisly killing could be carried out.

Win Kyaw Kyaw Aung, 29, is believed to have been behind a plot to murder the engineer on June 20. He has since fled the country.

Response: I feel that the man who plotted the murder should exercise more self control and not trying to get his friends to commit the perfect crime together. He should think about the future more plus it is not only the man he is trying to kill's fault, not totally. Killing someone does not make him be able to make the affair be something that never happened. Instead, it will only ruin his future and be sent to jail. His wife also should be blamed as despite knowing that she is being married to someone, she still went on to see someone else meaning that even if the man is killed, she would most likely go and search for someone else again. The man who plotted it should be smarter. I read an article about a man successfully have his sweet revenge back on his wife. He took six months to settle his next place to live, gather evidence, prepare to sue her and a lawyer and on her birthday, she tried to send him away but he lied and came back, called all her relatives and using celebrate her birthday as an excuse, caught her in the act, literally, in front of all of them and acting like it is an accident.

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  1. I think the man who plotted the murder should have been more selfless and thoughtful. By pulling in his friend to commit the crime, it is very selfish of him to do so, as dragging his friend down will also cause him to be convicted of the crime. Even if the man really wanted to commit this crime, he should not pull anyone down with him . Also, I think his reputation is tarnished for being convicted of such a serious crime.