Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tong Yizhi (20) 02/09/15

Article: Paying for your ride? It's all in the wrist
Date of publish: 31 August 2015

Issue being discussed:

The Land Transport Authority is conducting a trial. There will be 200 users, who will wear a near-field communication wristband encoded with a digital Cepas Card. They will only need to hold up their wrists to the farecard reader on buses and at train stations to pay for their journeys.To top up the stored value in the band, participants simply need to place the band on the card reader of a top-up device, just as they would a transit card. It is said that this will unsure a greater mobility for commuters.

General observation: 
When cards are used, people will tend to take sometime to find their cards from their bags. But if wrist band is used, this could reduce such problem. Furthermore, it will not be lost easily compared to cards.

Point of view: 
Since the writer did not give his point of view, I shall provide my point of view. I think that this "wristband digital Cepas Card" would be much more convenient for the commuters. Since it is on our wrist, it would not be lost easily as cards could not be on our hands 24 hours a day but a wristband could. Furthermore, the way to scan it is much easier than cards. We have to dig into our bags to find the card and this waste more time and also hinders other commuters especially during peak hours. I think I would definitely would like to have one. But I would suggest this wristband tone more colorful or visually appealing so that it could also act as an accessory. From the article, Hong Konghave been using this successfully for quite some time so I believe Singapore might also have one eventually.

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